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CREATE A Fund for an Organization

Nonprofits approach CTCF at different of stages in their lifecycle: Startup, Expansion or Sustainability.  Chisholm Trail Communities Foundation may be the right partner to gain economies of scale, reduce overhead expenses and/or invest resources for the long-term.  We've been serving the Georgetown area since 1998 and we look forward to the next 25 years of fostering Georgetown area philanthropy with high quality services.

Steps to Create a Fund

  1. Determine the needs to be met and/or community issues important to you.
  2. Review our Types of Funds below - to consider the best structure to help you achieve your charitable goals.
  3. Contact us to provide you the fund agreement to establish your Fund.  Call 512-863-4186.
  4. A Donor Designated Fund requires CTCF Board approval, so additional documentation may be requested.

Agency Fund (for non-profits)

A Fund to set aside financial resources for a particular goal or project in the future.

Designated Fund

A Fund established to support a particular need or cause that has been identified in the community.

Scholarship Fund

An opportunity to support promising students as they pursue their dreams academically, in the arts and through sports.  

Field of Interest Fund

A Fund designed to distribute financial support to either a particular area/field of interest or a particular group of people.