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CTCF Bridge-300

Notice Anything New?

Welcome to our updated website and logo!

We are excited about this new platform that better communicates our purpose and how our activity supports the community by acting as a resource (the bridge in the logo) connecting local individuals (hill #1 in the logo) and nonprofits (hill #2 in the logo)!

Last year alone, over $1.1 million "trucked across the CTCF bridge" FROM a multitude of donors TO a vast array of nonprofits.

As you explore the new website, think about how CTCF can support what YOU want to do/accomplish in the community.

The GIVE section focuses on existing Funds and resources for the "donor hill".

The REQUEST SUPPORT section emphasizes our support for the "nonprofit hill".

EXPLORE CTCF if you want to learn more about the community foundation structure.

Our Two "Hills"

Donor "Hill"

We offer services to individuals, businesses and families in order to make their  charitable giving strategic, effective and efficient.

We help donors give a meaningful gift now, over time, or even build legacies for future generations - primarily through Donor Advised Funds (DAFs).


Nonprofit "Hill"

Nonprofits benefit from a partnership with CTCF through the following:

  1. Financial Services: CTCF offers a variety of financial services including Agency Funds and Donor Designated Funds to help nonprofits strategically plan for the future; and
  2. Visibility and awareness: both can increase by participating in the Annual Fast Pitch for Nonprofits grant competition that CTCF hosts.

Best Practices

In September 2014, the Chisholm Trail Communities Foundation was re-confirmed in compliance with National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations by the  Council on Foundations.    This re-certification takes place every 5 years.  Over 60 percent of community foundations across the United States are confirmed in compliance – check out the map here.