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Forms for Fund Advisors

Need to deposit a check/s, pay an invoice, notify us of an event you are planning, make a disbursement or change the Fund Advisor information for your Fund?  Download the form(s) below.

Deposit Form
Event Notification Form  (due at least 30 days prior to an event)
Pay an Invoice or Request Disbursement
→ Addendum to update Fund Advisor information
Grant Recommendation Form

Forms for Grant Applications

Need CTCF documents to complete your grant application?  Download the form(s) below.

W-9CTCF signed 2022
CTCF 990 2020
CTCF 2020 Audit Financials 

Scholarship Forms

Do you need sample minutes for your Review Committee meeting or to request a scholarship grant to be distributed from your Fund?  Download the form(s) below.

Review Committee Minutes sample
Scholarship Grant Recommendation form