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Our Funds

  We have over 50 Funds here at CTCF.  Looking to learn more about a Fund?
Click on their link for more information.


CLICK HERE TO DONATE to one of them.


Friends - Georgetown Public Library (2-905)
The Georgetown Project Endowment (2-908)

Scholarship Funds

Clara Stearns Scarbrough Music (3-494)
Darrell Bishop Memorial Engineering (3-191)
Dr. Roy B. Shilling Scholarship (3-120)
Georgetown Promise Scholarship-GPS (3-477)
Madelyn Grace Shoales "Trainer Maddy" Memorial Fund for  Athletic Training (3-481)
Ned Snead Memorial Scholarship (3-531)
Phillip King Tennis Scholarship (3-521)

Designated Funds

CTCF Board Designated Fund (3-700)
Backpack Buddies Fund (3-506)
Exceptional Georgetown Alliance Fund (3-395)
Georgetown Fire Department Pipes & Drums Fund (3-465)
Institute for Excellence in Non-Profits Fund (Williamson County) (3-117)
Jonah Community Fund (3-123)
Layton James Ivins Legacy Foundation (3-214)
Lone Star (TX) Chapter of The Links (3-513)
Ride on Center for Kids (R.O.C.K.) Fund (3-130)
Snead Institute Fund (3-527)
Sun City Rotary Club of Georgetown - Breakfast with Santa Fund (3-204)
Sun City Rotary Club of Georgetown - Permanent Endowment Fund (3-206)
Williamson County Mayor's Prayer Breakfast Fund (3-474)

Donor Advised Funds

Arnold & Placek Corporation (3-390)
Bandy Charitable Fund (3-528)
The Cleveland Family Charitable Fund (3-483)
D3Kinney's Fund (3-473)
David and Connie Clark Fund (3-472)
Dr. Billy & Sandra Ward Fund (3-489)
Edward & Helen Jenkins Memorial (3-515)
Esther Weir Charitable Fund (3-330)
Garey Park Fund (3-213)
Greenlees Charitable Fund (3-510)
Iva Wolf McLachlan Endowment Fund (3-150)
Michael & Dawn Pehl Giving Fund (3-516)
Mike & Ann Weir Charitable Fund (3-126)
Molly & David Stacey Fund (3-509)
Moore Charitable Fund (3-526)
Richard & Rita Petro Charitable Fund (3-520)
Robert & Joan Maier Charitable Fund (3-209)
Rockwell Giving Fund (3-502)
Shepherd Family Charitable Fund (3-103)
Sport Clips Philanthropic Fund (3-175)
Teresa Miller Fund (3-491)
Tracey Weir & Hayden Johnson Charitable Fund (3-519)