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Agency Fund

For Nonprofit organizations


  • An agency fund helps nonprofit organizations build long-term assets and serves as a home for reserve funds.  Nonprofits that have agency funds enjoy low-cost investment options and third-party oversight of their assets.


  • The Community Foundation receives contributions from the agency to the fund, and the Foundation processes grants from the fund back to the agency.  Contributions are typically held as a long-term fund.  The income and the corpus are available for distribution.


  • The assets of an Agency Fund reside on the accounting books of the nonprofit that opens the Fund, and the Fund is listed as a liability on the accounting books of CTCF.


How can my organization establish an Agency Fund?

Complete our Fund Agreement.  The Fund Agreement outlines the parameters of your Fund, and areas such as the following are addressed:

  1. What will be the name of the Fund?
  2. Who will be the 2 primary advisors for the Fund?
  3. Are there any restrictions on how or when the Fund can be accessed?
  4. Does your organization want the Fund to be invested?

To receive a copy of the Fund Agreement or for more information, call 512-863-4186 or email