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Agency Fund

Best for - Established Nonprofit organizations that want:

  • Access to their operational reserves yet retain the ability to place them at market risk to potentially provide a rate of return *Past returns are no guarantee of future performance;
  • To invest a gift from a donor that is intended to protect the principal and provide financial support for the long term.

Accounting Measures
The assets of an Agency Fund reside on the accounting books of the agency/organization that opens the Fund, and the Fund is listed as a liability on the accounting books of CTCF.

Only the agency/organization that establishes this Fund will make contributions to it, individual donors will not.

How can my organization establish an Agency Fund?
You will need to fill out the “Fund Agreement” which includes choosing a unique name for your Fund.  The Fund Agreement outlines the parameters of your Fund, and areas such as the following are addressed:

  1. Who will be the 2 primary advisors for the Fund?
  2. Are there any restrictions on how or when the Fund can be accessed (i.e. for operational expenses or not, only to support particular programs, after a certain timeframe, etc.)?
  3. Does your organization want the Fund to be invested?
  4. Administrative costs to open and maintain the Fund.

To review a copy of the Fund Agreement or for more information, call or email.