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TAAOLF Grant Information

Mission Statement

The Anna+Anton Olson Legacy Fund provides philanthropic grants to strengthen lives in the Georgetown, Hutto and Taylor communities through a life cycle of caring.


Primary Focus Areas

Give underserved children and youth more opportunities to grow and learn.

Fulfilling the potential as healthy and engaged members of their neighborhoods.


Foster entrepreneurship with youth and young adults in underserved areas.

Learning through community responsibility, hard work, customer service, self-confidence, financial literacy and problem solving.


Provide independence and dignity to seniors living at home.

Living safely as vital members of our community.

TAAOLF 2021 Grant Recipients

2022 Grant Cycle

Check back this summer for information regarding the TAAOLF grant application and deadline. 

Honoring the lives of Anna and Anton Olson

Anna and Anton Olson were pioneers who independently emigrated from Sweden as teenagers in 1902 (Anton from Skåne) and 1907 (Anna from Vårmland).  They met in Chicago and married in 1909.

Anna and Anton moved to Texas in 1911, first to Crystal City and later to the Taylor area near Austin.

In 1935, Anna and Anton bought their own farm closer to Hutto, Texas where they successfully farmed until their passing.  They had hoped someday to travel back to Sweden to visit family, but never realized that dream.

Learn more about Anna and Anton, Swedish pioneers and Texas farmers - click HERE.